Installing An Extender On Your Pickup Truck Bed

Posted on: 30 September 2016


If you've invested in a pickup truck only to discover that the bed is just a bit short for the things you like to haul, you're not out of luck. Bed extenders are an affordable way to get a few extra inches of storage space for hauling those large items. Here's a look at how easy they are to install if you want to boost the space in your truck bed.

Start With Pre-Drilled Holes

The first step in the installation process is measuring for the brackets and drilling holes to mount them. Look at the installation template carefully to determine where the brackets have to be placed on the truck bed. Then, place the template on the truck bed and mark the hole spot with a center punch.

Once you've marked the truck with the punch, put the actual mounting bracket in place to see if you've lined everything up properly. Adjust it if you need to, then drill the holes. If there's a bed liner, just choose a bit that will drill through the liner as well as the bed. Put some protective sealant on the exposed metal of the holes to prevent rust.

Secure The Brackets On The Truck Bed

Once the holes are drilled, put the brackets over them. Secure each bracket with an electric screwdriver and the hardware that came with the bed extender. Once both brackets are in place, tighten the screws completely.

Put The Extender In Place

As soon as the brackets are secure, it's time to put the extender in position. Line it up with the installation holes on the mounting bracket, then put screws in place to hold the whole assembly together. When the extender is properly mounted, you should be able to move the extender up and down so that it either sits just beyond the end of the truck bed or folds into the truck bed so you can close the tailgate.

The best part about being able to fold the extender into the truck bed is the fact that it gives you a small, confined space to store things in the bed. For example, grocery bags fit well in that space without shifting or falling over.

A truck bed extender is a great investment for most any truck. If you're looking to personalize your truck with custom parts, why not make it functional as well? Talk with a local auto body and customization shop for help with the installation if you're not confident in your skills. Contact a company like Pacesetter Truck Caps & Accessories Inc for more info.