Three Tips for Protecting Your Car Against Auto-Body Damage

Posted on: 16 September 2016


The condition of your car's exterior is one of the more important factors in determining its resale value. Unfortunately, there are many car owners that may not be sure of the steps that they should take to help protect their car against these damages. If this is the case for you, it may be wise to consider the following few tips to help ensure you are prepared to care for your car's exterior.

Be Careful Where You Park

Making the mistake of regularly parking your car under large trees can take a significant toll on the exterior paint. This will stem from sap dripping on the paint. Over time, this sap can cause the paint to degrade and start to flake away. In addition to sap, it is possible for branches, pine cones, and other debris to fall from the tree and scratch the exterior paint. For these reasons, you should generally try to avoid parking under trees for extended periods of time.

Keep Your Car Waxed

Wax can help keep your car looking shiny, but it can also help to protect the paint against a couple of routine types of damage. For example, the layer of wax will help to form a waterproof layer that can help to protect your car's paint against corrosion. Additionally, the wax will offer a thin layer of protection against minor scratches that can happen due to hitting dust at high speeds. In order to ensure your wax is providing the best protection possible, you will want to apply a fresh coat twice a year.

Opt for a Low-Deductible Auto-Insurance Plan

It is a reality that your car is likely to suffer at least some minor body damage over the time that you own it. If this damage is repaired fairly soon after forming, it is often possible to limit the scope and cost of repairs. By opting for a low-deductible insurance policy, you will be more likely to be covered when you are needing to have these repairs made, and this can help you to ensure you have minor auto-body issues repaired as soon as possible.

Auto-body damage can be a major problem that almost every car owner will need to address at some point or another. By making sure to appreciate the dangers of parking under trees, the importance of applying wax to your car, and the benefits of having a low-deductible auto-insurance policy, you will find yourself a more capable car owner when it comes to caring for your car's exterior.