Choosing The Right Spare For Your Small Vehicle

Posted on: 1 September 2016


Being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire can be a real hassle for most drivers. Having access to a spare tire allows you to replace the damaged tire and safely drive to a repair shop where professionals can install a new tire. Unfortunately, drivers of small vehicles often forego hauling a spare tire around in order to save space.

Here are two space-saving spare tire options you will want to consider if you drive a small vehicle.

1. Compact Spare

Often referred to as a donut, a compact spare can be a great option for drivers whose vehicles don't have the storage space needed to a full-size spare. A donut is smaller in size that a full-size tire, and it is made from lighter rubber materials that leave it less durable than its full-size counterparts.

Once a compact spare has been installed on your vehicle you should drive to a repair shop immediately. These small spares are designed to be driven no more than 70 miles, and you should limit your speed to 50 mph in order to prevent any serious control problems while driving with a compact spare tire on your vehicle.

2. Folding Spare

If you want to free up even more room in your vehicle without eliminating access to a spare tire, you can invest in a type of spare known as a folding spare. These tires can literally be folded up to decrease the amount of room required for storage because they are stored sans air.

A folding spare must be inflated prior to use, so you will need to ensure that also stow an air pump and a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle if you choose to rely on a folding spare. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer's directions when inflating a folding spare so that you can achieve the proper tire pressure to avoid serious problems while driving to a repair shop.

You should also keep in mind that a folding spare is much smaller than your car's regular tires, so you will experience reduced ground clearance while the folding spare is installed.

Just because you drive a smaller vehicle with limited cargo space doesn't mean you have to travel down the road without a spare tire. Investing in a compact spare or a folding spare will give you access to a replacement tire without the need to dedicate a significant amount of space to spare-tire storage. For more information, contact a business such as PDR Automotive Inc.