3 Great Reasons To Replace Your Rotors When You Replace Your Brakes

Posted on: 30 August 2016


When your brakes reach the end of their life, you have to decide if you want to replace just your brake pads or your rotors as well. Here are three good reasons why you should replace your rotors when you replace your brake pads.

#1 It Is Cost-Effective To Replace Your Rotors

When you have your brake pads replaced, you have two options concerning your rotors. You can either have their refinished and then installed back on your vehicle or you can purchase new rotors and have them installed instead on your vehicle.

Generally, it costs the same or even less to replace your rotors instead of having them refinished, making it cost effect to go with the best and softest option – replacing your rotors.

#2 You Will Notice If Your Rotors Are Not Smooth

If you choose to not replace your old rotors with new ones, and instead refinish them, you may be able to feel it when you drive.

When your brakes are replaced, some work has to be done to your rotors. Generally, your rotors will be taken off your vehicle. A machine will be used to sand and smooth down your rotors, as they can experience uneven wear over time.

If your rotors are not perfectly smooth when the new brakes are installed on your vehicle, you will feel it when you drive your vehicle. When you drive at high speeds, you will feel your vehicle shake when you try to slow down. If your rotors are severely warped, you may even feel your vehicle and steering wheel shake when you slow down at lower speeds as well. This happens due to the difference in your new brakes and your old rotors; your brakes need a smooth surface in order to work at maximum efficiency, which is why you should replace your rotors when you replace your brakes.

#3 Different Quality of Brakes

Not all brakes are made the same. The old brakes you had on your car may have been of poor quality and worn down quickly, and your new brakes may be of higher quality and last significantly longer. When you don't change your rotors when you change your brakes, you are making a bet that your new brakes wear at the exact rate as your old rotors so when they are done, your brakes are done as well. That is highly unlikely; if you want to ensure that your rotors do not wear out more quickly than your new brakes, you need to replace them at the same time. 

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