A Short List Of Things To Do When Shopping For A Used Commercial Truck

Posted on: 15 July 2016


Purchasing a commercial truck can be an indicator that your business is beginning to grow. Purchasing a used one can give you the chance to make more deliveries without having to pay for a brand new vehicle, which could cost much more than your budget will allow. If you're in the market for a used commercial vehicle, heeding the three tips below can help.

Obtain Financing First

Even after making the decision to purchase a truck that is used, you might start to worry when you look at the prices of those for sale. To know for sure how much you can spend, it's a wise idea to get yourself a truck loan first. You might be eligible for a good loan with a long repayment schedule that can enable you to look for newer trucks in better condition without spending as much as you initially believed you would.

Look for Things that Could Indicate Engine Problems

Of course, any time you're purchasing a commercial vehicle, you'll want to know how well the truck runs so that you can factor in how much you'd have to spend on repairs or replacing parts. Your focus should be on the engine, as a truck with a bad engine can mean spending a lot of money after you buy. A bad engine could also indicate other problems.

To get some idea of how good the engine is, drive around in any commercial truck you're considering. After your drive, pop the hood and look for signs of leaking and smoke coming from the engine. Start the engine a few times; if the truck doesn't start right up or you hear rattling or knocking, there could be a problem that needs further investigation.

Before making an offer on a truck, enlist the help of a mechanic you trust to have a look at it so that you can be confident that the condition of the vehicle is what the seller claims.

Sit Inside the Cab

Even if you plan to have employees drive the truck, sitting in the cab yourself can help you understand how comfortable it will be for them. Consider whether the seat is flimsy or lumpy, and look for stains and tears. Glance toward the ceiling to see if you can notice any water spots. The condition of the cab will not only help you to be considerate of your employees, but will also allow you to better understand how previous owners have cared for the truck.

The actions above can help you select a suitable commercial truck for your business. Talk with retailers of used trucks, like those found at http://www.arrowtruck.com/, to better determine how you can get the best deal.